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Cuckoo - Chapter 11 - Get a Clue

Disclaimer: I don't do this for money and I don't own Young Justice, Doctor Who or related characters
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers for Young Justice: Invasion, Doctor Who; Survivor Guilt, Time War Angst, crossover
Characters: Dick Grayson, Wally West, Bruce Wayne, Rick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, M'gann Morzz, Connor Kent
Pairing: none
Summary: Some birds are known to camouflage themselves among the young of another species. Time Lords are very similar in this respect, as Robin learns.
Ao3 |

March 17th
7:39 PM

If she has to be honest with herself, Stephanie had never quite imagined that dragging home that kid would lead to the situation she was in at the moment.

She sighs, poking at her TV dinner with her fork, and shoots the door to her room a baleful look while her father continues to prattle on about the state of affairs in the more colorful end of Gotham’s nightlife. In a way, it’s absurd almost to the point of being funny because there he is talking about how the word on the street is that Robin’s been blown to bits by Two Face and here she is, the only one who knows that Robin is still sound asleep in the next room.

It was the bodysuit that gave it away, she muses quietly while munching on a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget. Every kid in Gotham knew that suit on sight and doubly so if one of their parents happened to be in the business of getting Batman mad at them; which, unfortunately, described her father quite well.

Stephanie, of course, had hidden it the second she realized what it was. Sure, the kid seemed younger and smaller than all the pictures, but kids didn’t just pop out of the harbor wearing these kinds of things in that kind of condition for no reason. And, in the absence of any other explanation, the answer was patently obvious.

The boy currently sleeping like a log in her bed had to be Robin, Batman’s sidekick.

“Are you okay, Stephanie?” her father asks, his face drawn with worry. “Is something wrong?”

Stephanie hesitates, chewing on her lip a little. If she told her father, then he’d do something stupid, like try use the kid to find out Batman's secret identity or use the kid to try and get leverage with Two Face. As clever as her dad was, he sometimes forgot just how scary dangerous people like Batman and Two Face really are. It’s worrisome, really. He’s already been in so much trouble and she doesn’t want him to go back to Blackgate or worse.

“It’s nothing,” she lies, smiling. “Just thinking.”

At that, her father chuckles and reaches over, ruffling her hair with one hand. “Don’t think too hard, kiddo. You don’t want to get wrinkles.”

“My brain has wrinkles,” she fires back tartly.

“I’d be worried if it didn’t,” he says, in good humor.

In the other room, Robin continues to sleep, undisturbed.

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